Created in loving memory of Levi Robert Herman


At Levi’s Legacy, our mission is clear – to serve and support families facing the daunting reality of CHDs, alongside the dedicated medical professionals who stand by their side.  Our mission is not just to weather the storm with them but to guide them towards the sunshine that awaits on the other side of their challenging journey.

When families first hear the news that their baby has a congenital heart defect, their world shatters. The world stops spinning and they are overwhelmed trying to process all the information they just received. Most of all they feel alone. We are here to herd around these families, supporting them individually and as a community as they brave the storm that is brewing on the horizon. We are here to ease the burdens that come with congenital heart defects. The financial impact, the trauma, the difficult decisions. We are here to show them the sunshine that awaits them on the other side of the storm.

Why It’s Important

1 in 100 babies are born with CHD. It the most common and deadliest birth defect in the US. 25% of those born with a critical CHD will not live to see their 1st birthday.

There is no cure

CHD is a lifelong disease requiring ongoing specialized care.


We are committed to raising awareness about Congenital Heart Defects by sharing stories, educational information and funding medical research.

We have featured over 144 heart warriors and their incredible stories. Knowledge is power.

Giving Back

Levi’s Legacy has donated 1,295 care packages, 1,275 gift cards and 2,263 toys and books to heart families in the middle of their storm.

To date, we have donated $326,000 to the Heart Institute at Children’s Hospital Colorado funding critical research such as pediatric IPG implantation, oral cardioversion of atrial fibrillation in pediatric, HLHS focused study and cardiac inpatient neurodevelopment care optimization (CINCO).

“In a fierce prairie storm, cattle often get spooked, turn tail, and try to run from it, getting separated and lost. But buffalo herd closely together and go into the storm head on coming out of it faster stronger and united. That captures who we are and how we’re going to get through this”

– Jason Kenney

Your donation allows us to fund medical research, offer support during families’ hospital stay and help thank the medical staff who pour their heart and soul into their jobs. Our organization is a 501(c)3 charity so all donations are tax deductible. Donate today to help us charge the storm against the most common and deadliest birth defect. There is no donation too small to make a difference.

To date, we have donated 1,295 care packages, 1,275 gift cards, 2,263 toys & books, 113 staff appreciation baskets, recognized 144 heart warriors with Warrior Wednesday and raised $326,000 for medical research.